Toulouse Restaurants

The city of Toulouse is overflowing with restaurants to help you discover all the local culinary flavours of the terroir around Toulouse and the wider region of south-western France.

To help you choose a restaurant to dine at, we have selected some of our favourite restaurants that, thanks to the quality of their products and their culinary expertise, are sure to bring you a fabulous statement of south-western France’s cuisine, all embodied in a single menu!

Like us, these culinary professionals share our concern to provide high-quality services where attention to the finest details is combined with perfect mastery of their craft.

If you follow our tips, you’ll find something to satisfy the curiosity of your taste buds, and the diversity of the produce on offer, combined with the countless ways to prepare it, will fill your stay with an abundance of stunning flavours.

Another option available to you is to choose a half-board stay, including bed and breakfast and dinner with two of our partner restaurants. To choose this option, find out more at reception, and discover what’s on offer, how to get there, and what it costs – and of course, book your table at the same time.

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Your round-the-clock room service

The three-star Hotel Riquet also offers room service 24 hours a day.

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Sweet or savoury, it’s always time to enjoy our menu!
This means that you can savour a veal stew with glazed vegetables, tortellini, soup or even a crêpe Suzette at any time of day: all our team is committed to providing you with what you want.


Carte du Room service - EN

Our delicious pumpkin soup
-360 ml-

Our famous fresh tortellini with Mediterranean vegetables
-330 g-
Our incomparable stuffed cabbage with duck confit
-310 g-
A little something sweet: chocolate/coffee
-100 g-

Fine cream of tomato soup
-360 ml-

Tasty fresh tortellini with mild chorizo
-330 g-
Our stunning veal stew served with glazed vegetables
-350 g-
The perfect complement: baba/ canelé (pastry with a custard centre and a caramelised crust)
-100 g-

Our unique shellfish soup
-360 ml-

Authentic Alsace-style garnished sauerkraut
-320 g-

Our unmissable beef bourguignon served with potatoes
-330 g-
Pineapple upside-down cake
-100 g-

Selection of red wine
100% Merlot
Delightful crêpes Suzette (crêpes with orange liqueur sauce)
-100 g-


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